Texas Road

The series continues…

West Texas Road #9

New work and end of the semester

Hello all! The semester is almost over and I must admit I’ll be happy to see it end, it’s been a tough one. Fortunately, my painting and photography were once again amazingly fulfilling (thank you Krisitina Smith) so I am ending on a happy note.

Texas is beautiful now and we have had a gorgeous spring. The skies have been incredible early in the morning, my next series will involve those early mornings I think.

New paintings and more on the way!

It’s been a hectic start to the new semester with a stressful and steep learning curve in color photo. The hand-colored black and white images are matted and I will post some in a few days but in the meantime, the last of the Alaska series is here, for now at least. I have started on a Texas roads series and I will post one of those soon as well.

Spring is coming, the days are getting a little warmer and there is a hint of green in the

grass which is welcome. The birds and squirrels are noisy and active, I love hearing them early in the morning. Stay in touch all!

New York City and family

We have had a difficult two weeks, epic joy balanced with deep sorrow. My mom turned 75 and we had a surprise birthday party for her in Vermont. It went off without a hitch and I am relieved to not have to lie anymore, I’m not very good at it. Larry’s brother Bo died quickly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a tragedy to say the least. Emotionally, we have run the gamut; physically, my body is screaming at me for lack of sleep and too many oversold flights up and down the east coast. Happily, we are home and the routine, often viewed as drudgery, is surprisingly welcome.