Newtown Memorial

This piece has taken me some time to come to terms with. Interesting that sometimes I make things and wonder about them for some time after their completion. In any case, thank you to Richard Klein for the fabulous photography and to Susan kae Grant for the inspiration.

It’s been too long!

I will upload art soon but for now, H E L L O  A G A I N! I have moved to Albuquerque and am working as Art Director at UNM Press. This is a wonderful town with many artists, beautiful mountains, and gorgeous weather. The music is pretty fantastic too. So, happy May and keep your eyes peeled for some work!

New work and end of the semester

Hello all! The semester is almost over and I must admit I’ll be happy to see it end, it’s been a tough one. Fortunately, my painting and photography were once again amazingly fulfilling (thank you Krisitina Smith) so I am ending on a happy note.

Texas is beautiful now and we have had a gorgeous spring. The skies have been incredible early in the morning, my next series will involve those early mornings I think.